Most Crimes are derived from these three key elements

Desire • Ability • Opportunity

Security Breach

In today’s society crime is more ramped than ever before. While violent crimes are down, property crimes are on a constant rise.  More people are becoming victims than ever before. Automotive theft and property crime have increased; yet Police response times have dropped.

Lock it or Lose it Approach

When you have become violated due to theft, burglary or vandalism You now assume the role as victim. No one wants to be in this position however many of us find ourselves here. In order to minimize the crime in our homes, schools, work places, and community outings we must Lock it or Lose it, Deter-Deny-Delay-Detect-Deceive. Don’t become a victim of crime due to negligence. Make it a habit to always watch your surroundings, lock your doors, windows, vehicles, safes, and hide any valuables from unwanted criminals.

Surveillance Camera System

Surveillance Camera Systems can vary in different types, sizes, functions and  data capacity. We have experienced good results with communities that do have surveillance camera systems in place. There has actually been crime caught on camera, and this proves to be a deter mechanism for criminals. The video surveillance camera system can be monitored via web/and on most smart devices. This would play a key role in deciding what system will work best for your community.

Helpful Tips

  1. Install “(WARNING) Community Watch Signs” that can be placed throughout your community to help detour the crime activity.
  2. Install Security Surveillance cameras throughout your community with an online monitoring system.
  3. Fix all lighting throughout your community to enhance the visibility factor.
  4. Hold bi-monthly or monthly community awareness meetings and keep your community up to date with crime statistics for that area.

Property Theft

Concepts of most burglary prevention

Deter criminals:  use well Lighted accessible locations
Deny the perpetrator: use a Wall Safe or a Security closet to hold valuables
Delay the crime in progress: use Installed key locking latches on windows
Detect the crime in progress: use Installed alarm systems or surveillance camera systems/ Join your neighborhood watch committee
Deceive the burglar: use Automatic timers on lights, leave a radio on, have your mail and other deliveries picked up when not home


Poor lighting in the community can open the desire for criminals to steal your personal property in parking structures, carports, on the street, in your driveways etc. If you have clear illuminating walkways there is less chance for any unwanted crime activity to take place.


Community Awareness

Community Awareness Meetings:
Maximus Protection, Inc. offers Community Awareness Meetings Monthly or bi-monthly at clients discretion. These meetings are held in a controlled setting where community members and security enforcement personnel can come together and discuss any questions or concerns that they may have.

Once the community gets involved and is up to date with the current crime statistics in their neighborhood, then a Community Watch Committee can be organized. With  neighbors watching everything that goes on within the traffic on their streets, the amount of crime activity in the community can decrease drastically. We emphasize when there is crime in progress, patrons should call on Law enforcement direct (911) and secondly call out security personnel (877) 257-9684. Our response time is an estimated 3-11 minutes depending on the type of call received.

2 Corinthians 5:7 For we walk by faith, not by sight.